Terms & Conditions

There will be a $10.00 charge for returned checks. All funds paid may be applied to oldest balance. During the subscription term, we may change the fees and charges then in effect, or add new fees or charges, by giving you notice in advance and an opportunity to cancel. Any credits to the account are reflected in this renewal date. Please note that your subscription provides access to the content as provided by The Blade, in both digital and print form, during the term of the subscription, and The Blade reserves the right to change its offerings, content, and publication schedule. If you request that we not deliver a print edition due to vacation, or if we do not deliver a print edition due to holiday or any other reason, your subscription continues to include access to our content through our digital platforms and we will continue to charge you the subscription fee. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO PROVIDE ONLY A DIGITAL PAPER. The Blade publishes both physical and digital (i.e., online) editions with the same content. The digital edition is accessible to you at www.toledoblade.comThe Blade reserves the right to fulfill your subscription by providing you with only a digital edition and not a print edition any day of the week.  For more information about accessing the digital edition of The Blade please call 419.724.6300. Your subscription also includes the Thanksgiving Day print edition, which will be charged to your account at the same rate as a Sunday print edition. This additional charge will be reflected in your account and will accelerate the expiration date of your subscription. Subscriptions renew automatically, and after the initial term expires print and online will continue and be billed at the then-applicable regular rate unless subscriber contacts The Blade Circulation Department to cancel. If at any time you decide to cancel your subscription, you may contact customer service at 419-724-6300 and the full amount of any balance over $10.00 will be returned.


Digital Only Subscriptions

In addition to the aforementioned general terms and conditions, the following pertains to “digital only” subscriptions.  A “digital only” subscription is unlimited access to our online content with no print edition included.  If you purchase a “digital only” subscription, your subscription will automatically renew upon expiration using the payment method you provided.  You can change this setting at any time in your account settings on our website, by emailing us at circulation@toledoblade.com, or by calling us at 419.724.6300.   Digital subscriptions are non-refundable.  Once you turn off auto-renew, you will continue to have access until your expiration date, and your account will no longer automatically renew.